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The volume of  bar work in CrossFit can sometimes end up leaving your hands a little worse for wear. I mean battle scars are cool, but not when your hubby is rubbing them on your back, or when you are washing your hair.

JAW grips are a great way to help you protect your hands.  While leather grips can be thick and bulky and make it harder to feel the bar, JAW grips are made of fabric, they are soft moving with you, allowing you to have the best grip with the least rip.


Product Description


The #1 Rated Top Selling Hand Grip

Brought to you by Just Another WOD, JAW Pullup Grips are the premium fabric grip available on the market. Cross-training enthusiasts across the world have spoken and their choice is JAW! These grips consistently outsell all competition and receive the highest customer ratings across the board. Handmade in Australia, there is no comparison when it comes to quality. Often imitated, but never replicated, JAW Pullup Grips are guaranteed to satisfy your hand care needs.

JAW Pullup Grips are designed to move with the reflexes of your wrist, allowing for maximum mobility and comfort while you work out. Worry no more about leaving your skin behind on Pullup heavy WODs (we’re looking at you Murph), as JAW Pullup Grips eliminate friction with their incredibly soft, durable, hand-stitched fabric. Even if you already have rips or blisters, your palms will remain completely protected. Sweat much while you exercise? No biggie. JAW Pullup Grips do not harden from perspiration.

Why fabric over tape and leather? Tape is prone to rip easily, as it is not a sturdy material, and it requires constant replacements, while leather is often too thick, which causes discomfort, and has extremely limited flexibility. JAW Pullup Grips, on the other hand, offer the perfect balance between comfort, protection, and effectiveness. Additionally, JAW Pullup Grips have proven time and again to provide the best longevity of all competitors and knock-off brands, often lasting up to a year longer.

The success of JAW Pullup Grips is not solely attributed to their usefulness with Pullups, since they also work phenomenally well with muscle ups, toes-to-bars, knees-to-elbows, kettlebells, dumbbells, and any general barbell or rig work.

Most athletes will get 4-6 months out of a pair of grips, this depends on, the bars you are using, how you grip the bar, and how many pull ups (or other rad tricks)  you are doing.

JAW grips are handmade with love in Australia, by the wonderful JAW shop.


To size measure the distance from your wrist to the base of your index finger.

Small <4.5″

Medium 4-4.5″

Large >4.5″


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Pink, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Orange, Green, Purple, Black, Charcoal, Red


Small, Medium, Large


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